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The Starting Point

So, my intention as I write this first post is describe my path with yoga.  As a teacher, I hear many people unsure if they can do yoga because of various limitations and issues.  We all come to yoga from different places, and the joy and beauty of yoga – and the thing that really makes it different from a ‘form of exercise’ is that it ultimately has little to do with the body, and so any ‘body’ can practice yoga.

OK, off we go.

So I will start in circa 1987 – about 30 years ago.  I was young, strong, playing a lot of soccer and working hard at Apollo Computer.  That was my first experience with a ‘tech boom’ and it was pre-internet and the ‘Help Wanted’ section of the Boston Globe was 50 pages thick.

But my back was hurting pretty regularly.

I was referred to a Physical therapist, Mary, and one day after she had done an evaluation of me, she looked sincerely into my eyes and said “Dan, the good news is there nothing wrong with your back. The bad news are your hamstrings are a ness.”

She guided me to Bob Anderson’s book on stretching, still available here on Amazon if you’re interested.

And this book helped.  I was pretty good about doing the stretches and they helped.  I still had my issues, but staying on top of doing them, was clearly something that was worth doing.



Words to live by…

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